About me


Franz Marschall

I am a skilled carpenter, globetrotter and I'm pushing the limits and have been traveling in Spain for years with my "caravan". My heart beats for Africa and at some point I want to move on there too. When I came to help Björn in June 2016 and took over the parking space "Finca-Caravana" as operator, I came up with the idea that this magical place is somewhere in the middle of nowhere but an ideal place to meet like-minded people. A meeting place for Africa - travelers, where they meet each other at the evening campfire, exchange tips, routes and travel experiences, laugh and laugh. I can contribute a great deal to the exchange of experiences, because I myself am also a globetrotter, have been traveling the world for almost 40 years, cycling, etc. In the outback of Australia, I have twice crossed the Sahara, traveled to many other countries and am traveling for 16 years as a traveling carpenter in my DB 808. The ambience for all this I have already created here and there is a great outdoor kitchen with barbecue, a herb garden, homemade jams and dried fruits and vegetables. The courses are spacious, have a very special flair and invite you to linger. But I'm looking forward to all guests, whether "white fleet", off-roader, with a short hood or Longliner - everyone is welcome and everyone receives my warmth and hospitality. You can also find my story on the page: